Quest For Clean Water for Kenyan Church

Added by holyfires on March 15, 2010

Holyfires has been blessed with the opportunity to join hands with a few ministries that God has raised up in Kenya, West Africa.  I (Jake) was able to go and visit them along with a good friend Jimmy Martin (Gemino Outreach) who was the brains and the muscle of the operation. While there we saw more needs than I could even begin to mention in one blog or that we could even begin to try and tackle.  But not at all were they lacking in zeal for the Lord and passion for spreading the gospel to their coutrymen.  The most imminent need spiritually was that they needed God’s Word in the mother tongue (Ekegusi- a dialect of Swahili).  God blessed us with the means to get a least one per family.  This is sufficient for now but we hope to get many more so that each believer may have their own and will be able to give them away knowing that we will be able to get more.  Their most imminent physical need is clean water.  Rain water is captured during the rainy season but this does not last long into the dry season.  There is a well that is a few miles away which doesn’t sound that far right?  But imagine trying to carry enough water for  the 25 orphans that live with you up a muddy hill for 2 miles with no shoes and no car everyday.  Jimmy and I had the opportunity to try this feat and we barely made it from the spring back up to the road which was about 50 yards up steps.  The women and children and sometimes the men (when they are not working) do this daily. They have no other option.  We met with 3 different prospective drilling companies and quickly found out that the white man is often seen as a means of easy money.  We had a quote for $12000 and a quote for $4000.  Come on now.  One was a Christian man and the other was not.  I know that both of these men must make a living for themselves but this difference was absurd.  That all being said, we have made this our priority in Kenya for a few reasons. #1 They need clean water and the women need to be at home with the orphans rather than walking for hours a day to fetch water. #2 It would be a HUGE ministry for the believers in sharing the gospel with their neighbors and community as they offer them free water and the message of the Living Water!  The believers at True Life Church would try to have someone there nearly everyday helping work the pump and sharing the message of Jesus to those who come for free water!  The primary means we feel the Lord has led us to fund this well is through the CD ministry of Dusty Burris that is close to fruition.  If you wish to help get clean water to Kenya, one of the best ways would be to help with the CD project.  100% of the proceeds from the CD will be going into the ministry.  Only a small portion of that will be set aside for future CDs.  We are hopeful to make a trip back to Kenya this December  but if not this year, then next year for sure!  We would love for you to join us one day and worship with our brothers and sisters in Kenya face to face!

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  1. Ella says:

    Leah and Shaun: Looks like it was a great (and memorable trip). The spthsnoas look fantastic and definitely captures a certain feeling and emotion. The shoes and chess shots are particularly engaging.Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Joyelle says:

    It’s good to get a fresh way of lonkiog at it.

  3. Waka says:

    i am 24years and have the call of God upon me.I need support bescaue many are those who are parishing and losing and the word of God must be preached to them.Right now i am in bible school second year and i need so please help me!. God richly bless you!

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