Dominican Diaries

Added by travis on August 24, 2011

Introduction : 8/11/11
“When my buddy Jake and I started Holyfires Ministries about five years ago, I told Jake that he was in charge of all foreign ministries (I was only half way joking at the time). However, the Lord has really laid foreign missions on my heart as of the last year or so, and I have been wanting to be obedient to His leading and go if He opened the door for me to do so…Through my old junior college coach (and by old I mean in the past, I don’t think your old Mac, haha) an opportunity presented itself. My old coach was putting together a baseball missionary team for four or five people to go to the Dominican Republic and share Christ through the game of baseball (baseball being the tool used to build relationships, and that platform allowing us to share Christ with the players we coached)…When approached about going I felt led to jump at the opportunity to do so…The following journal entries are just a few small snap shots of the week I spent serving the Lord there… READ MORE…

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